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Hard, Soft and Dual occlusal splints can be designed to eliminate trauma and pressure caused by bruxing and clenching. Hand processed, clear almost invisible.


In today’s world patience are demanding natural looking dentures . We offers two ranges denture teeth: economy and premium: Ivoclar Blue Line, Dentsply Portrait IPN by request .As a full dental lab, we also offer cast frame partials, Valplast, attachment, bar, implant supported restorations and implant retained hybrid dentures. We using high impact heat cure acrylic base with provides beauty, color stability and vitality of natural tissue.

Removable – Features:

  • Wide range of prosthetic restorations
  • Excellent fit and strength
  • Wire and ball clasps available
  • Metal cast frame partial
  • Valplast flexible partial dentures
  • Fixed removables implant supported restorations
  • Attachment, bar, supported restorations
  • Implant retained hybrid dentures